A Reggio-inspired, summer in Taipei for children ages 4-6 from Tinkerseeds.

2022 Summer Camp at Tinkerseeds

This summer we’ve come up with a selection of 8 BIG IDEAS to explore through children’s imagination and creativity for 4 fun-filled weeks of summer. Each week the children will experience an English immersion environment led by native English-speaking teachers. The paths we take through each theme will be driven by children’s own interests and ideas. The children will work on completing weekly projects based on the themes.

2022 Summer Program
Cardboard box

It’s not a box - NT$7,800

Week 1 AM session (7/4 - 7/8)
Children will explore the wonderful open-ended nature of working with cardboard boxes.

Trees and nature - NT$7,800

Week 1 PM session (7/4 - 7/8)
What would a summer be without exploring nature? Our outdoor deck will be a place for exploration and connection with the earth.

Musical adventures - NT$7,800

Week 2 AM session (7/11 - 7/15)
Join us for this session as we explore rhythm, beats, and sound-making and how it ties into our emotional well-being and feelings.

Simple machines - NT$7,800

Week 2 PM session (7/11 - 7/15)
Children will tinker with gears, pulleys, ramps, and more as we imagine, design, and build simple machines.
girl running

Exercise & move - NT$7,800

Week 3 AM session (7/18 - 7/22)
Children will get plenty of time on our outdoor deck and big classrooms as we explore movement and create fun exercises.

Fantastical creatures - NT$7,800

Week 3 PM session (7/18 - 7/22)
We’ll be exploring dragons, fairies, unicorns, and more fantastical creatures and the wonderful worlds they might inhabit.
sewing machine

Clothes & fashion - NT$7,800

Week 4 AM session (7/25 - 7/29)
We're exploring features of clothes and clothes-making. The children may design and make clothing like t-shirts, bags, hats, and more!
world map

Far far away - NT$7,800

Week 4 PM session (7/25 - 7/29)
We’ll explore far away places like other countries, and maybe even other planets!

Summer 2022 Registration Details

Parents can register for one or more themes. Each theme is NT$7,800 and is scheduled for Monday-Friday, either in the morning (8:45-11:40) OR afternoon (1:30-4:25) session. See schedule for each theme below. No lunch or snack is provided.

Registration is for a full week Monday - Friday. Space in the summer session is reserved after payment is received for all weeks registered.

Parents are welcome to register for both morning and afternoon sessions, but children must be picked up between sessions. They may not stay from 11:40 AM- 1:30 PM since we have to reset the program between sessions.

Eligibility: Children must be between the ages of 4-6 (or a Tinkerseeds student) and no longer wearing diapers.

Call us at (02) 2532-0064 with any questions. We are available to answer calls Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM.

Summer 2022 Schedule

第一週 Week 1 (7/4-7/8)

  • 上午 AM session: It’s not a box 不是箱子 (NT$7,800)
  • 下午 PM session: Trees and nature 樹木與大自然 (NT$7,800)

第二週 Week 2 (7/11-7/15)

  • 上午 AM session: Musical adventures 音樂探險 (NT$7,800)
  • 下午 PM session: Simple machines 簡單機械 (NT$7,800)

第三週 Week 3 (7/18-7/22)

  • 上午 AM session: Exercise & move 運動 (NT$7,800)
  • 下午 PM session: Fantastical creatures 神奇生物 (NT$7,800)

第四週 Week 4 (7/25-7/29)

  • 上午 AM session: Clothes & fashion 服裝學習 (NT$7,800)
  • 下午 PM session: Far far away 遙遠王國 (NT$7,800)

Cancellation Policy

✅ If you cancel or make changes before May 1, 2022, we will issue a full refund less bank fees. 若您於2022年5月1日前取消或是需要做些更改,我們將全額退費(退費費用將會扣除銀行轉帳手續費)。

✅ If you cancel or make changes on May 1, 2022 or after, we will charge a NT$1,000 fee for each session/week cancelled and refund the rest of the fees (less bank fees). 若您於2022年5月1日當日或是之後取消或做更改,我們將針對取消的每時段或每週收取$1000的費用並退還剩餘費用(退費費用將會扣除銀行轉帳手續費)。

✅ If you cancel less than 7 days before the start of your session, no refunds are issued. 若您在課程開始前不到7天做取消,則不予退費。

✅ No refunds are issued for any days or weeks missed due to any reason, including illness, typhoons, or other natural disasters. If the Taipei City Department of Education orders a suspension of classes due to COVID-19, we will issue refunds for suspended classes. 對於因任何原因(包括生病、颱風或其他自然災害)而錯過的任何幾天或幾週,我們將不予退費。 若台北市教育局因 COVID-19 下令停課,我們將退還停課之費用。

Call us at (02) 2532-0064 or email team at tinkerseeds dot com with any questions. We are available to answer calls Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00. 如有任何問題請於週一至週五上午10:00至下午5點撥打電話至(02) 2532-0064或發送電子郵件至team at tinkerseeds dot com。謝謝。

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